Every month, The Groundbreakers puts an inspiring initiative, product or company in the spotlight. By sharing knowledge and inspiration, we want to stimulate sustainable developments and we hope to contribute to the greening of the business community. This time we would like to highlight the Court of Cartesius in Utrecht. The Groundbreakers team was given a tour of this circularly built workplace. Finally, we did a workshop at the second-hand hardware store Buurman Utrecht. Green Friday from; the sustainable counter-movement to the well-known Black Friday.

Green is the new Black!

Black Friday, the day synonymous with high discounts, great deals and gigantic price battles between retailers and brands. For a number of years now, this originally American phenomenon has also caused a bargain craze among consumers in the Netherlands. Still, these discounts come with a hefty price tag, namely the price nature pays for overconsumption. In a mission to combat overconsumption, more and more companies are opting for Green Friday, the sustainable counter-movement of Black Friday. Green Friday encourages consumers to think about their purchasing decisions, make sustainable choices, and invest in products and brands that are eco-friendly. Where Black Friday is often accompanied by impulsive purchases, Green Friday strives for a more conscious and sustainable way of shopping and handling products.


Several businesses have embraced Green Friday as an opportunity to make a positive impact. For example, Dille & Kamille will close all stores and the webshop on Black Friday to make a concrete counterpoint heard. For the retail chain, this day is not about consumption, but about nature. IKEA believes in reuse and puts its spotlight with the Green Friday campaign on advertisements from consumers who offer their IKEA furniture for sale. Bever opposes Black Friday with its own For Future Fridays. The outdoor store wants to inspire consumers to use products for longer and thus really contribute less to the mountain of waste. During For Future Fridays you can go to the Bever stores to repair your coat or shoes and you can learn how to take even better care of your products. And ANWB has also opted for the green route this year, as they are organizing a sponsored run of which the proceeds will go to Trees for All. Great initiatives towards a sustainable world.  

Go Green

As a consumer, you can make an impact yourself by buying less and, above all, see if you can reuse the items you already have or give them a second life. Are you still going for the best Black Friday deal? Then think about what you want to buy before you go into the shopping street and don't be tempted to make an impulse purchase.