Every month, The Groundbreakers puts an inspiring initiative, product or company in the spotlight. By sharing knowledge and inspiration, we want to stimulate sustainable developments and we hope to contribute to the greening of the business community. This time we would like to highlight Drukkerij De Bij. A printing company that fits into the world of growing hunger for sustainability.

Greenest printer in the world

As a sustainable brand activation agency, we order almost all our printed matter from Drukkerij De Bij in Amsterdam. They can proudly call themselves the greenest printer in the world. Drukkerij De Bij strives for minimal environmental impact in everything they do; in both the printing process and overall business operations.


To make it more sustainable, you can of course look for products that are the most sustainable, but you also have to include production. For example, production at Drukkerij De Bij runs almost entirely on the 264 solar panels on the roof. The solar panels also provide green energy, especially on weekends. The small amount of CO2 emissions that remain after this return is compensated by the printing company with Greensand. This is a natural product that helps to clear up CO2.


Drukkerij De Bij also considers corporate social responsibility to be important. An example of how they contribute to this is their recognition as a learn-work company. In the past, for example, they have provided internal guidance to various participants, including the long-term unemployed. Two of them are now actually working as employees. In addition, they sponsor various local parties and are, for example, a donor of Business for Bees (applicable, huh?).


Small shipments are made with the help of carrier GLS, they transport CO2 neutral. Larger shipments on pallets go through the same courier who also brings the paper to De Bij. He takes the shipments directly with him, which ensures minimal movements. This messenger runs on biogas, which saves 70-80% of particulate matter and soot emissions. Business passenger cars are of course all electric.

‘Norbert and his colleagues think along with us with every assignment. Because they understand that no activation is ever the same with us.” – Lisanne Stavast, production manager at The Groundbreakers

Printing process

De Bij also continues to pioneer in the printing process. For example, they opt for bio ink and minimal use of chemicals. De Bij works with many different types of paper, all with their own sustainable characteristics. The most important branch of this is the recycled paper. To produce recycled paper, old paper is mixed with water and the contaminants and ink are removed from the paper. It is then processed, together with a part of new, long wood fibres, into the paper that will meet its second (or third, or seventh) life. The new wood fibers that are added naturally come from FSC® certified paper. This process requires a lot less new paper fibers and you notice that in the number of trees that have to be cut. Paper can be recycled no less than 4 to 7 times. And if you think recycled paper is still automatically brownish or smudgy, that's no longer the case.

‘The great thing is that we often save money with consciously green choices. For ourselves, but also for customers who increasingly want sustainable printing. Everything comes together beautifully.” – Norbert van Schie, owner of Drukkerij de Bij

Would you like to know more about Printing House De Bij? Then check out: www.debij.nl.