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The Groundbreakers developed a unique game show called ‘Lucky Crane’ to celebrate the opening of the new South-Mile in Hoog Catharijne and to surprise its first visitors. The giant ‘claw machine’, is a renowned fun fair attraction, but this time the attraction came with a twist! Instead of its usual mechanical arm, passersby were asked to play the role of ‘the claw’ itself! A friend or family member controlled the joystick and lowered the human claw at just the right spot to win one of the thousands of prizes. The ‘Lucky Crane’ was a big success; each game round filled up in no time, and participants aged between four and seventy-eight enthusiastically took part in the game. The creative opening show fit Hoog Catharijne’s marketing strategy, ‘Let’s Play’, which dynamically turns shopping into an interactive experience.

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