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PostNL visits every street in the Netherlands every day, and is therefore aware of the impact they have and can have. PostNL asked us to develop a sustainable activation concept, and we did so in the field of biodiversity. Insects are not doing so well in the Netherlands. In recent decades, more than 50% of all insects in the Netherlands have disappeared. This is because their habitat is becoming smaller and there is less and less greenery in the city.

As part of National Climate Week, we have therefore transformed a parcel locker for PostNL into a city garden. On the roof you will find the favorite plants of rare butterflies and bees such as the Heather Butterfly and Coastal Wallpaperer Bee. After research, we know that these animals occur in the area, but are on the Red List because they are in danger of disappearing. The city garden can help them make a stopover or hibernate.

The design is not only beautiful but also has an educational function. You can read facts and figures about the bees and butterflies that we want to attract with the city garden! The special parcel locker was opened by nature and animal expert Floris Göbel, who talked about the importance of biodiversity.

Suzanne Debrichy, Environmental Lead PostNL: “In the coming period, the city garden in the municipality of The Hague will be closely monitored to gain insight into which animals this green oasis attracts. How the neighborhood responds to it is also examined. Based on this, we will see whether we can also transform parcel lockers in other places into city gardens.” The next green parcel locker has already been developed, so this great project will be continued. And that not only makes the insects happy, but us too!