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Brand experiences in the most sustainable way

The Groundbreakers develops brand activations in the most sustainable way possible. Below we would like to tell you about the most important things we do in terms of sustainability and what makes us a green brand activation agency.

Positive impact

We make conscious choices from the beginning to the end of our work process to minimize negative impact on the environment and society. We like to work with suppliers who, like us, value sustainability and offer a greener option than the competition. We always look at opportunities within a project to contribute something positive to society. In the concept development of brand activations, our focus is on creating positive impact in the broadest sense of the word.


We use sustainable production materials for the development of our brand activations. Prior to production, we investigate how the raw materials are obtained and how we can keep as much material as circular as possible. We choose sustainably obtained or recycled materials, reuse as much material as possible for subsequent activations and ensure that the remaining material gets a second life. We develop our events and activations in-house, so that we have a clear view of the entire production process and can continuously optimize it.

Co2 emissions

We minimize our CO2 emissions. We do this, for example, by using an electric vehicle fleet, purchasing sustainable materials and working under a green roof with solar panels. Our ambitions extend further, for example, we want to operate CO2 positively by 2024.

Movement in the industry

We contribute to the greening of our industry and chain by actively sharing knowledge and cooperating with sustainable suppliers. Each month, for instance, we write inspiration articles on sustainable initiatives or companies, our creative director Martijn is a board member of industry association IDEA and is committed to greening the events industry, and sales & production lead Lilian is the first green ambassador.

Sustainable collaboration

For every new customer, we buy bunds from Justdiggit. This Dutch non-profit is committed to fighting climate change by greening Africa. A bund is a crescent-shaped pit that collects rainwater in dry areas, allowing vegetation to regenerate. These bunds symbolise the fruitful and sustainable relationship we, as The Groundbreakers, like to establish with our clients.

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