Every month, The Groundbreakers puts an inspiring initiative, product or company in the spotlight. By sharing knowledge and inspiration, we want to stimulate sustainable developments and hope to contribute to the greening of business. This time we would like to highlight Fairphone. This is a sustainable company that is committed to producing the fairest possible smartphone, below you can read how this is done.

Positive impact for the world

Fairphone's mission is to create a fairer electronics industry. Fairphone delivers on its mission by making phones in a sustainable and ethical manner by using sustainable materials, recycling products and improving working conditions for the company's employees.

Fair materials

Most smartphones contain minerals and metals that are processed from mining, these raw materials then end up in the production chains. By going straight to the origin of the smartphone's components, positive change is created. Fairphone ensures that resources are used responsibly and that more recycled materials are used by actively seeking partners to help achieve this goal. This immediately contributes to greater awareness within the sector and among consumers.

Simple repairs

Fairphone strives to design sustainable products. By using a phone for longer, the ecological footprint of the product becomes smaller. By focusing on modularity, repairs can be made easier. For example, a Fairphone can be repaired by just using a screwdriver.

Circular economy

Fairphone encourages the reuse and repair of telephones. In this way, they are working on greater growth in the supply of recycled material. This is done through take-back promotions; by returning unused phones to the market and researching the barriers to recycling.

Putting people first

Fairphone puts the people they work with first by improving the working conditions of employees and offering growth opportunities. Together with partners, we look for ways to improve the health and safety of employees. In this way they increase job satisfaction throughout the sector.

When purchasing new mobile phones for our team, The Groundbreakers has been switching to Fairphone for a few months now! Are you also interested in a sustainable Fairphone? Then check it out https://www.fairphone.com/nl/