On World Book Day we organized for Justdiggit the launch of the children's audio book 'From the North Pole to Nairobi'. This fun children's book has been read by, among others, Henry van Loon, Sosha Duysker & Katja Schuurman and can now be listened to on Storytel.

A 'cool' adventure

'Van de Noordpool naar Nairobi' is an optimistic and funny story for children about the climate problem. Travel with the main characters on a spectacular adventure around the world, learn more about climate change and discover how we can work together to cool the Earth!

Met humor én op begrijpelijke wijze kinderen bewust maken van de gevolgen van klimaatverandering. Ga er maar aan staan. Maar Yannick van de Velde en Bart van den Donker bewijzen met hun eerste kinderboek dat het kan!

Launch event

During the launch event at Fort de Batterijen, the authors came to read live, Mister Santos was searched for on the fort grounds, animal knowledge was tested with a fun quiz and plant pots were colorfully decorated by the children. It was a Sunday you will not soon forget!

Want to know more about the audiobook? Go to https://justdiggit.org/nl/nieuws/lancering-luisterboek/