The 'Bring Your Own' activation for the Dutch Railways has been awarded a coveted Golden Giraffe. Brand activation agency The Groundbreakers received the Golden Giraffe for the most sustainable event in the TheaterHangaar in Katwijk.

Oscars of the event industry

The Golden Giraffe Event Awards – also known as the Oscars of the Dutch events industry – annually recognizes the most distinctive and impactful events. The Golden Giraffe jury consists of marketing and event professionals who assess all submissions and live pitch presentations, after which a substantiated ranking is created per category.

Bring Your Own = The Way To Go

The Groundbreakers and NS participated together in the 'Bring Your Own' activation in the categories PR & Media Value and Sustainability. The entry concerned a mediagenic activation that created awareness for the NS campaign and activated travelers to replace their disposable cup with their own reusable cup. During the four activation days, hundreds of travelers threw away their last ever disposable cup and no fewer than 15.2 million people were reached. What is special about the concept is that the activation - fully in line with the objective - is also sustainably produced

What is striking is that everyone has sustainability high on their agenda. It is certainly reflected in the concepts that have passed, but there are a number that excel in this.” – Jury member Paul Gruijthuijsen

Green Giraffe

During the awards ceremony in TheaterHangaar, The Groundbreakers received the Golden Giraffe for the most sustainable event. Jury member Paul Gruijthuijsen said the following about this during the show: 'Of all the participants, The Groundbreakers was the best at breathing and radiating the theme of sustainability throughout the entire concept and process'. In addition to winning the first Green Giraffe, the activation also ended up in the top 3 events within the PR & Media Value category.

Positive impact

As a team, we are incredibly proud that we have won the sustainability award from the Dutch events industry with this brand activation. Special thanks to the NS team for their trust and years of cooperation. How cool it is to work with brands and people who want to make a positive impact like you!

Curious about the case? Watch the video below or go to the casepage.