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The earth is becoming warmer and warmer and the consequences are becoming more and more noticeable. Justdiggit thinks now is the time for change and wants to ensure that the global temperature rise remains below 2°C. If we can heath up the earth, we can also cool her down.

To draw attention for climate change, Justdiggit launched an innovative campaign. An interactive fundraising experience moved people to fight against climate change. Move, dance and wave your arms to grow a tree on the interactive pillars. After donating 1 euro, the digital screens showed a real-time thank you message. This campaign was very impactful and literally and figuratively moved visitors to fight climate change.

To activate this campaign and create more awareness, The Groundbreakers were brought in. Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most effective ones, just as this one. We placed a striking setting with soil under the iconic Bollendak of Hoog Catharijne. Because of the slogan of Justdiggit; ‘This is the decade of doing. Dig in.’

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