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Justdiggit, the non-profit organization combatting global warming by greening Africa, has a mission: inspire and motivate people worldwide to participate in this greening initiative. And who learns better than the youngest among us?

That’s why they launched the children’s audiobook ‘From the North Pole to Nairobi’ on World Book Day. This fantastic and informative child book, narrated by voices like Henry van Loon, Sosha Duysker and Katja Schuurman, tells an optimistic and funny story that educates children about climate issues and how we can collaborate to cool down the Earth.

This launch deserved a great event, and that’s where The Groundbreakers came in. The memorable event took place at the fitting location of Fort de Batterijen, in the middle of the nature. It was a delightful Sunday where authors read live, a search for the main character Mr. Santos was organized, animal knowledge was tested and plant pots were colourfully decorated.

There was play, dance, laughter and even the littlest ones got inspired and motivated. Because what we learn when we’re young stays with us forever, right? Together, we fight against global warming!

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