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Every year, 30 million disposable cups end up in the waste bins at and around the station. These cups cannot be recycled because of the material they are made of. As a result, 80,000 cups are lost every day after one-time use. The Dutch Railways (NS) believes this must change. With the campaign 'Bring Your Own = The Way To Go', NS calls on passengers to bring along a reusable cup when they travel. By taking their own cup with them, the enormous amount of thrown away cups is reduced. An additional advantage for the traveler is that drinking from your own cup provides a 25 cent discount. With this campaign, NS stimulates reusable cups to become the new norm.

The Groundbreakers was asked to develop a mediagenic activation for the launch of this sustainable campaign. To visualize the impact of single-use cups, we placed an eye-catching waste container with thousands of actually used disposable cups in the station hall. Travelers were encouraged to throw away their very last disposable cup. When participants throw the cup into the container, the scenery suddenly comes to life. The mannequin arms with protest signs spontaneously start moving, the lights around the container turn green and the participants are enthusiastically rewarded with the sound of loud applause from within the waste container. The playful brand activation creates awareness, activates the target group to take action and has generated a lot of national media attention.

Met deze activatie heeft The Groundbreakers samen met NS de allereerste Gouden Giraffe voor het meest duurzame evenement in 2023 gewonnen. Lees Read meer over de awardwinst!