Every month, The Groundbreakers puts an inspiring initiative, product or company in the spotlight. By sharing knowledge and inspiration, we want to stimulate sustainable developments and we hope to contribute to the greening of the business community. This time we would like to highlight the T'riffic brand. T'riffic is the first label in the Netherlands to offer a fully circular corporate clothing line. The corporate clothing worn by The Groundbreakers team is therefore from this sustainable brand.

Fully circular

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. For example, one cotton t-shirt contains about 4000 liters of water and the Netherlands alone has 200 million kilos of textile waste per year. Schijvens Corporate Fashion believes that circularity should become the norm in this industry. For this reason they introduced T'riffic; a 100% circular corporate clothing line. T'riffic produces clothing from recycled cotton and/or recycled polyester, which saves a lot of water, CO2 emissions and energy. Clothing that has been worn can be returned and then processed into new company clothing! An innovative and sustainable concept for which T'riffic has already received several awards and nominations.

Good working conditions

In addition to the choice of materials, T'riffic also pays a lot of attention to good working conditions for the makers. At a number of factories, the minimum wage has now been raised to a living wage, which allows employees to invest in training and good health care for the family. All production locations where the clothing is produced have been assessed by the Fair Wear Foundation and with a score of 8.9, the T'riffic production locations are an example for the textile industry.

Good future

T'riffic is for sale at Goodfuture: the address for sustainable and circular corporate clothing in the Netherlands! The textile sector is currently still one of the most polluting industries in the world and the working conditions in this sector are also under a magnifying glass due to many abuses. That is why Goodfuture only supplies clothing brands that guarantee good (controlled) working conditions. The range of company clothing consists of organic cotton, recycled cotton or recycled PET/polyester, bamboo or tencel and can of course be provided with a logo. Used clothing can be returned, after which an important part of the proceeds will be donated to the Free a Girl Foundation and Muziekids.

Go to the website of T’riffic or Good future for more information about sustainable corporate clothing.