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Healthcare is increasingly becoming more sustainable, and that's great news. Healthcare is responsible for 7% of all CO2 emissions in The Nederlands, making it as polluting as the aviation industry. Amsterdam UMC is already taking significant steps in this direction and aims to embrace sustainability as a guiding principle in the organization's actions and mindset. The over 17.000 employees play a crucial role in this change. They can make a difference by looking to their own practices with a fresh perspective.This aspect deserves more attention, and that's where we come into the picture.

Photographer: MichielTon.com

Introducing the striking campaign ‘Focus on Green’ where we literally put the employees' focus on green. In the central hall of the hospital, a massive pair of glasses covered in moss and with green lenses appeared. When you look through these glasses at the hospital, you notice things that you might have overlooked before. In front of the glasses, there's colorful signage with a graphic print that you can only read when you look through the green lenses. It displays sustainable facts and figures about the hospital.  

Scanning the QR code at the settings will take you to the campaign page with more information and inspiration to get started with sustainability yourself. The campaign and activation creatively creatively shows the importance of adopting a green perspective.